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Volum - A new archetype for Lodes

Volum - A new archetype for Lodes

The Volum suspension lamp series designed for the Italian lighting manufacturer Lodes are poetically simple, yet complex in their technically driven solution - designed to fill a space with an uninterrupted, 360-degree illumination.

Due to the minimal solution for the suspension, the lamp glows uniformly in all directions, giving a calm and coherent light from any angle, in any space.

The family currently consists of four sizes of suspended lamps, each specified by their diameter in centimeters: Volum 42, Volum 29, Volum 22, and Volum 14.

Product Design

2020 - 2022





To elevate the material and its process, the shapes are derived from working with a glassblower, where the glass changes to a naturally imperfect shape during the process. The four volumes are therefore not the same shape, but rather intuitively fit with each other in different ways to make unique compositions, and each size formed to its ideal use from clusters to singles.

A unique aspect of Volum, compared to other lamps in this archetype, is the aspect that it gives an uninterrupted 360-degree glow, made possible by the translucency of the lid. Many iterations and prototypes were made and tested out in the design process to get the light quality and expression to match the glass and to verify the possibility of the concept to create this continuity at the top.

In the collaboration with Lodes, we wanted to maintain their rich history and values, yet at the same time bring something new and progressive.

Being able to make use of Lodes' knowledge and local expertise in Venetian glassblowing has made this collaboration extremely interesting and has assisted in Volum's simple yet highly precise and characteristic expression.

"At Snøhetta we often talk about the notion of prepositions – the relationship between objects and people in a space. Applying this way of thinking, viewing something as above, below or next to something else, to a light source, it needs to be as functional and beautiful from all prepositions in space.

We’ve had many great experiences working with master glass artists and one thing we’ve always appreciated in this work is how the imperfections that naturally are formed through quality craftsmanship elevate the material beauty of the glass. Somehow the imperfections seem to make it more perfect in a way.

By celebrating the human aspects of ancient master craftsmanship together with the technical solutions of tomorrow, the Volum series combines both in its technical solution while celebrating the craft of glassmaking."

– Marius Myking, Director of Product Design at Snøhetta

The Volum series is the first project Snøhetta has designed and developed with Lodes, being launched in the start of 2022. However, the Volum series will be expanded in the coming years as the sucessful collaboration between Lodes and Søhetta will continue.