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Barr cutlery set - Completing the design of a restaurant

Barr cutlery set - Completing the design of a restaurant

Snøhetta has designed and developed a custom-made cutlery set in collaboration with design brand Table Noir for restaurant Barr in Copenhagen. The cutlery set is designed in close partnership with Table Noir and executive chef Thorsten Schmidt of Barr, with the aim of further enhancing the restaurant experience. In the fall of 2018 the cutlery set will be sold online and in selected stores, enabling more people to take part in Barr’s culinary story.

The launch of the Barr cutlery represents a new focus on product design for Snøhetta, with the aim to further strengthening the firm’s transdisciplinary approach to design and architecture.

Product Design





Copenhagen, Denmark


Table Noir


Thorsten Schmidt, Executive Chef at Barr


Red Dot Award 2019

The bespoke cutlery has a stonewashed surface which gives it an approachable, sturdy feel, adding contrast and novelty to the typical fine dining experience. When treating the surface of the material in this way, the steel color naturally transitions into a darker gray tone. This contributes to a unique expression, which is in line with Barr’s food philosophy; an ideology where every ingredient and its processing is carefully selected to create new and original dining experiences. 

– The new cutlery optimizes the tactile and physical experience of dining at Barr, says executive chef and restaurateur Thorsten Schmidt. – The cutlery is not merely defined by aesthetics or functionality; it actually enhances the enjoyment of the food and thus elevates the eating experience itself. When you lift your spoon or fork, the sturdy weight of the cutlery gives you a stronger sensory experience in relation to the food.

The cutlery conveys a nostalgic yet timeless expression through recognizable cut outs in the handles. The shapes are carefully aligned, creating harmony between the individual pieces of cutlery so that they form a natural whole, like letters in the same font. The handles are shaped to contribute to a more ergonomic experience and are designed to easily stack into each other and lie steadily in the table setting box. 

The cutlery is available in both a stonewashed finish and a brushed matte finish. 

After having designed restaurant Barr’s interiors and visual identity for the Noma Restaurant Group in 2017, the design of the cutlery allows Snøhetta to create a holistic design experience that complements the interior architecture and graphic design. By carefully crafting a cutlery set that builds on the restaurant’s conceptual expression, the cutlery design echoes the look and feel of Barr while also enhancing the overall restaurant experience.

The cutlery is available in two versions; one set with a stonewashed finish, which will be used at Barr, in addition to a set with a brushed matte finish. Both versions are available for sale online at and in selected stores across Scandinavia.