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Svit Lamp Collection - for Ateljé Lyktan

Svit Lamp Collection - for Ateljé Lyktan

Snøhetta has designed its very first lamp collection, Svit, in close collaboration with the Swedish lighting company, ateljé Lyktan. Initially developed as prototypes for The 7th room at Treehotel in Harads in Northern Sweden, the collection comprises a wall-mounted lamp, a table lamp and a floor lamp.

The lamp collection was launched and exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair from 6 – 10 February 2018. The lamps were launched under the name “Flik Flak”, and are now rebranded to “Svit”. The new name is a tribute to the dark and light aesthetic of the lamps and references the lamp’s origin: The 7th Room.

Product Design, Furniture Design

2017 - 2018




Stockholm, Sweden


Lamp Design


ateljé Lyktan

The Svit lamp was originrally created for the 7th room at Treehotel in Harads in Northern Sweden.

The tactile qualities of the lamp are emphasized by the coarse birch veneer, echoing the natural materiality of Scandinavian nature.

The Svit lamps are made from two wooden pieces of birch veneer held together by a piano hinge. This flexible design allows the wooden folds of the lamps to be opened and closed in a 180-degree angle. It carefully orchestrates the light to fit any room or setting in a non-intrusive, playful and creative manner. This playfulness is reflected in Svit’s functionality and flexibility, recalling the old-school lamps of a childhood desk or the breakneck stunts of a trapeze acrobat.

The collection plays on distinctive contrasts between light and dark, inside and outside. This dualism is reflected in the Svit name, merging the nouns “svart” and “vit” (black and white in Swedish), and the lamps’ materiality. While the wooden exterior surface is treated with black coloring, reflecting the idea of darkness, the wooden inside of the lamp has kept its natural, light color, diffusing the warm light by dimmable LED strips.