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IKEA + Snøhetta Rethink STUA

Snøhetta joins forces with IKEA to inspire people to rethink their living rooms. 

The first result of this transdisciplinary collaboration has been a prototype based on an IKEA-inspired building system dubbed STUA. A rich, singular graphic profile supports the launch of the project through digital channels, printed material and television ads. This holistic project subtly merges Snøhetta and IKEA’s transdisciplinary approach and commitment to democratic design – design that can be accessed and used by the wider public.

By working with the concept «lag» (meaning both «team» and «layers» in Norwegian and Swedish), we explored how we could apply our transdisciplinary approach to design, architecture and interior design to the project. 

Interior, Product Design, Graphic Design, Installation & Exhibition, Product & Packaging, Interaction & Web Design

2017 - 2018







The architectural expression emphasizes STUAs mission and concept and the idea of «lag». While a beautiful floodlight lights up STUA from above, plywood slabs create a geometrical and repetitive star shaped pattern that draws they eye towards the center of the room and center of attention. 


STUA – A Fresh Start

STUA is a circular 20-square-meter room that is physically freed from the constraints of the traditional four-wall living room. The freestanding room can be placed in a variety of spaces, whether the garden or in the backyard. 

The goal of the project is to help people look at their living rooms with fresh eyes by freeing them from traditional decorating procedures and by allowing them to start from scratch. STUA’s circular shape focuses and draws attention towards the center of the building, allowing people to cultivate the one activity that's closest to their hearts, whether it’s a brand-new hobby, a quirky interest or life-ling passion.

The room is made from accessible materials, inspired by IKEA’s approach to efficient material use and the well-known flat pack concept. All the components are light enough to be carried by one person alone, and each component is precisely carved to fit perfectly into the structure. Just like a piece of IKEA furniture, STUA can be set up quickly and intuitively by professionals. 

Graphic Design and Digital Experience

STUA is promoted on a Snøhetta designed webpage connected to where people can learn more about the collaboration between Snøhetta and IKEA and follow links to a contest website Here, Norwegian families can register to win STUA in their very own garden or backyard. 

The landing page and campaign website are both supported by a holistic graphic profile with a specially designed color palette of carefully curated and harmonious colors, shapes and sketches. 


The color combinations create a play of contrasts between hot and cold or high and low contrast. The design also includes graphic elements, such as simplified architectural sketches of STUA.

In addition to supporting the digital campaign, Snøhetta has curated the exhibition design for the launch and physical unveiling of STUA during an IKEA event at Youngstorget in Oslo in August 2018.

The exhibition design creates a ludic visitor’s experience where the Snøhetta designed graphic profile and color palette run like a red line through the entire exhibition.

The collaboration between Snøhetta and IKEA came to life through a series of workshops facilitated by Snøhetta back in 2017. In the spring of 2018, we took the collaboration one step further when the Snøhetta team was invited to join a study trip to IKEA’s headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden, and IKEAs future living lab SPACE10 in Copenhagen.