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Kultur- og idrettsbygg i Oslo

Kultur- og idrettsbygg i Oslo

Through Kultur- og idrettsbygg i Oslo, Oslo Municipality builds, owns, leases, manages and maintains cultural and sports related buildings in Oslo. Their portfolio consists of existing buildings and new projects which will lay the framework for activities and experiences for the citizens and visitors to the city of Oslo. Projects under construction includes The New Munch Museum and The New Oslo Public Library.

We developed the concept «ripple» to recognize the department in a wider context of how their projects affect people beyond the physical structures. From culture to sports, from people to local communities, from Oslo to Norway, from Norway to the world — and back.

Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Wayfinding & Signage





Oslo, Norway


Visual identity, animation


The Municipality of Oslo,
Department of Cultural and Sports Facilities

Through three-dimensional rotation, the object can be seen from an unlimited number of angles. This, and cropping of the object, creates a tool for illustration for all surfaces.

The «ripple» concept describes elements in constant motion. Elements of process and performance in sports and culture connect to each other through human movement. Skating across the ice rink relates to the pen of a writer flowing over a page, like a dancer posing on stage relates to a sculpture or a painting. Inspired by these movements, an abstracted three-dimensional shape has been created.

Since the department is a continuation of the Oslo 2022 Winter Olympic planning, the logotype is based around the same simple geometric shapes as the Olympic Candidate City logo. 

From the opening of Leirskallen gymnastics hall, a facility focused around kids and youth in the local area.

The identity elements are created with large billboard formats in mind, as it's widely used on construction sites around the city.

The interplay between the neoclassical Didot Elder and the geometric sans-serif GT Walsheim reflects on the relationship between culture and sports.

In visually cluttered surroundings a dazzle camouflage inspired pattern can be used, referencing both ripples and diagonal stripes from traditional construction site signage.

The color palette is based on a black and white contrast, and certain graytones mapped to building materials: Stone, steel, aluminium and glass. Corrotion and copper are defined as accent colors, for contrasting elements and call to actions. For print, the selected graytones and accent colors are defined as metallics.