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Olympic Games Oslo 2022

Olympic Games Oslo 2022

The world’s largest event for winter sports meets Nordic Simplicity.

In 2014, Snøhetta was commissioned to design the visual identity and feasibility study for Oslo 2022’s Applicant City bid. The identity of Oslo 2022’s visual language honors the inherent simplicity and openness in Nordic culture. By balancing playful graphics and strict geometry, the identity represents both the celebration of the Games and the solid planning of the Norwegian bid. The ambition for Oslo’s 2022 Winter Olympics bid is to share the genuine passion for winter sports, and invite the world to an open, friendly and sustainable celebration of sports.

Landscape, Visual Identity, Master Planning, Print Design, Interaction & Web Design, Graphic Design

2013 - 2014




Oslo, Norway


Johan Wildhagen

Web development



Oslo 2022 Winter Olympic

The circular forms of the letter O and the number 0, as well as the repetition of forms in the number 2 and letter S lend themselves to a graphic element constructed out of just a few geometrical shapes. Combined with colors inspired by the Olympic rings, the result forms the basis for the identity.

The circle becomes a very central part of Oslo 2022 bid’s visual identity and is very prominent in the new logo.

A responsive module system solves the communication as well as the branding on the Oslo 2022 website. Together with a flexible CMS solution and a solid grid, the website adapts throughout the different phases of the bid.

Snøhetta also designed the feasibility study for the Winter Olympic Games in Oslo

The first of two applications was submitted to the International Olympic Committee in March 2014.

The development of the Identity for the Oslo 2022 bid was divided into three stages. First, Snøhetta developed a simple ‘logo-less’ identity for the application for a funding guarantee from the government and to provide information about the ‘Games in the City’ concept to the public when it was put to vote during a local referendum in Oslo. In the second stage, the logo, typography and main identity were fully developed. The identity included art direction of aerial photography as well as interior architectural elements and signage. The main objective for the second phase was the presentation of the Oslo bid at Norway House during the Sochi Olympic Games in the form of exhibition design, print design for brochures, and digital design for the new website. The final component of the identity was the design of the Candidature Acceptance document and all accompanying elements for the IOC submission on March 15, 2014. Visually, the three iterations of the identity each reflect a point in the process leading up to the application to the IOC.

The application document for the 2022 Winter Olympics is designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the IOC, while maintaining and expressing the unique values and concept of the games in Oslo.

The concept map is a folded A3 sheet inside the A4 Candidature Acceptance document. It shows the compact development strategy for the Oslo area in the Oslo 2022 games. The dotted circle shows a 10 km radius.

The Candidature Acceptance document is designed to fit as much information as possible, while providing a legible and dynamic layout.

Maps were made of all potential arenas to be part of the Candidature Acceptance document. Content and color coding is predefined by the IOC. These maps were designed to be easily legible.

Simplified and circular pictograms for the applicant phase make it possible to utilize the same icons for the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Part of the Candidature Acceptance Procedure is to present the complete bid on a CD ROM. By silk screening the negative space of the logo in white on blank CDs, the color play from the logo is recreated on the medium itself.

Holmenkollen, an integral part of the ‘Games in the City’ concept.

During the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) presented Oslo's Olympic bid to IOC representatives and journalists.

Three meter high logo letters with colored edges for the interior concept at Norway House during Sochi 2014.

Custom stools were designed and built for the Oslo 2022 exhibition in Norway House at Sochi 2014.

The Photographic File documents the different venues and locations, and provides key information regarding transportation and security. Aerial photography of the venues is provided by Johan Wildhagen/Palookaville.

Visualizations of the urban development which is planned in conjunction with the Games. 

Visualization of the Kjelsrud area in Oslo