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Edvard Munch High School

Edvard Munch High School

Edvard Munch High School opened August 2015 in the newly refurbished building from 1903, once housing Oslo National Academy of the Arts. With an increased focus on creative learning and aesthetic subjects, including disciplines such as music, dance, product design, textile, and crafts, in addition to a sound academic education, the school aims for providing students with a broad learning program. 

This duality, combining versatility and knowledge, in the field of education was the inspiration for the design behind the school’s visual identity. Snøhetta’s design is based on the concept of perspectives; the ability to view things from multiple angles. By challenging the two-dimensional format of print, the design encourages you to interact by requiring you to physically move to read the message communicated; to see it from multiple perspectives. 

Wayfinding & Signage, Education & Research, Visual Identity, Graphic Design





Oslo, Norway


Visual identity, communication, signage


Utdanningsetaten & Edvard Munch vgs


Kimm Saatvedt

Snøhetta has developed the visual identity, signage system, exterior signage, and communication towards potential future students. The underlying idea behind the design has been implemented on boards, posters, brochures, exhibitions stands, t-shirts and business cards. It comprises as playful and flexible system, where the youth is invited to continue using the identity in their way. The visual identity has reference both from what is traditionally referred to as science subjects, as well as from the more artistic subjects. By compiling images and text from both branches, we try to eliminate an artificial distinction between the two. The use of color and choice of font are rooted in the school building, where the traditional meets the contemporary after the recent rehabilitation.

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