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DNB – The Norwegian Bank

DNB – The Norwegian Bank

The new identity was launched on November 11, 2011, and was awarded the Gullblyanten 2011 and Grafills Visual Communication Award at Visuelt, Norway’s largest design and advertising contest. Snøhetta, together with Anti, was commissioned to create the new visual identity for DNB, Norway’s largest private bank. Today we have expanded the branding project to include interior and retail design. Custom-designed furniture and a new retail environment were all created based upon the same branding concept – a flexible line. 

A Bank in One Line.
DNB, the bank for all of Norway. The bank for all Norwegians, from young to old, as in a solid lifeline. A bank that stretches all along the coast from Nordkapp to Lindesnes, from North to South. DNB welcomes you as a customer, helps meet your needs and remains always a professional partner. Serving you as the bank in one line between you and us.

DNB connects Norway. A Norway in the world that stretches as a line between us - a connecting line. The line in nature and the line between our services and products – and you.

N for Norway. A bank from A to Å.


Interior, Work Spaces, Wayfinding & Signage, Visual Identity, Print Design, Retail, Interaction & Web Design, Graphic Design





Oslo, Norway


Visual Identity & Interior



The new DNB head office in Bjørvika, Oslo

Testing of signage

DNB Brand store, Oslo

DNB Brand store, Oslo

The credit card design for DNB has six different design concepts. Each card design is specially designed for target groups within individual loyalty programs, from Young Bankers to Private Banking.                                                                                               

The typography and layout style in the DNB Annual Report design is characterized by a light and friendly expression. DNB is a modern and welcoming bank with a high level of accessibility. The images depict professionalism, efficiency, knowledge and are designed to go well together with the DNB color scale.

The characteristic woven prisms are both used as wall pattern and in the brand image style.