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Røros Tweed Collaboration

Røros Tweed Collaboration

Snøhetta and Røros Tweed, the traditional Norwegian wool manufacturer have joined forces to create a series of blanket designs, which mark the beginning of a long collaboration.

The blanket Mountain fold is made out of 100% Norwegian high quality sheep’s wool which can be folded into the profile of the mountain Snøhetta. The Snøhetta peak in Dovre, Norway, the namesake of our studio. The strict graphic pattern invites you to fold the blanket into a triangular shape referencing the profile of the famous mountain. The Mountain fold blanket is available in 6 different colors palettes representing six different architectural projects designed by Snøhetta. Each blanket can be arranged or folded in a different way, presenting itself with different amount of pattern and color, and may also serve as a blanket pillow due to its puffy nature when folded. It comes complete with a step by step guide of how to fold the Snøhetta mountain.

Following the success of the Mountain Fold blanket, Snøhetta has developed two additional designs, both representing a graphic presentation of architecture in abstract forms. Islandskap and Color Noise were developed after Snøhetta held an internal contest amongst all of its designers from New York and Oslo.

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Røros, Norway


Product design


Røros Tweed

Retailers carrying the Røros Tweed brand include Anthropologie, Design Within Reach and Scandinavian House. Røros Tweed blankets are made out of 100% Norwegian high quality sheep wool

Color Noise


Bjarne Melgaard collaboration with Snøhetta during the A House to Die In project also resulted in specially designed Røros Tweed blankets. 

Bjarne Melgaard

Brochures and invitations were designed for the launch and celebration of the collaboration between Snøhetta, Røros Tweed and Bjarne Melgaard.


Invitation with silver color printed on grey paperboard