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Moniker Man

Moniker Man

In early 2021, the Moniker brand store was extended with a new story comprising a men’s and sports section dubbed Moniker Man and Moniker Sport. The extension complements the existing brand store by expanding the physical space of the online store, and by adding a new dimension to the existing space.

Moniker Man features two zones based on the existing Moniker brand store concept. Inspired by the personality traits “sensitive” and “ambitious”, the men’s wear section of Moniker is inspired by French movie star Alain Delon and race car driver and Hollywood hero Paul Newman. 

By superimposing layers of cultural references and atmospheres through the brand identity, and graphic and interior design, Moniker highlights and honors those who dare to stand out and showcase their individuality.

Graphic Design, Interior, Interaction & Web Design, Product & Packaging, Retail, Visual Identity

2020 - 2021




Oslo, Norway


1,500 m2




Merit, branding and communication, in ADC (USA)

A Hollywoodesque Interior Design

Playing on a more classic repertoire, the ambitious zone features timeless, hollywoodesque materials such as burlwood, combined with the more industrialized material palette of the racing industry. 

Echoing the French Riviera

Delon’s zone is inspired by the French riviera and features a warm and colorful interior design that challenges our conception of what falls into the categories feminine and masculine. 

The graphic design Snøhetta developed for this part of the Moniker brand experience heavily informed the interior design, creating a space with rounded shapes, arches, and organic shapes. 

Holistic Branding

Through its interdisciplinary and holistic approach to branding, graphic design and interior design, the Moniker brand house sets out to become a new icon of the Norwegian and Scandinavian brand house scene, both in the physical Moniker brand house and online on