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YME – Digital Retail Experience and Visual Identity

Following the design of the YME Universe concept store in 2014, Snøhetta has created a new digital retail experience and visual identity for YME Universe. 

The complete overhaul of the online store has resulted in drastically increased online sales, further building the fanbase of YME internationally and manifesting it as Norway’s leading fashion destination.

Visual Identity, Print Design, Interaction & Web Design, Graphic Design, Retail






Web platform and development



YME Universe

90 % Increase in Online Sales

The clean-cut and confident redesign is focused around quality content, photography and few graphic elements, and led to a 90 % increase in online sales the first three months after the launch.

Content First

The layout system pushes the content forward, letting the latest products and YME’s editorials shape the expression of the site.

All elements are designed to work effectively across all devices and platforms, providing a seamless shopping experience both on mobile as well as on desktop.

YME shoots and creates its own fashion editorials. The products are directly connected to the storytelling, making shopping a natural part of browsing the site.

Retail in All Channels

By pushing the limits for concept-based retail, Snøhetta has designed an efficient and differentiated platform for YME across a broad variety of channels and surfaces. Together, the online store and the concept store build a holistic and unique brand experience, providing YME with a competitive edge in the international fashion market.

Packaging and In-Store Elements
All elements were designed with the customer touch points in mind. Shopping bags, wayfinding and packaging for online store parcels all convey the YME brand and manifest its distinct identity.

Visual Identity

Reflecting the brand’s innovative attitude and aim of pushing fashion culture forward, the visual expression is based on distinct contrasts in color, size and placement.

Snøhetta redrew the existing logo symbol and expanded it into a full logotype, making it suitable for a larger number of applications

Remember Wingdings? We brought it back, pairing it with Helvetica Narrow for a bold and recognizable look.

High quality, simple expression. Letterpressed business cards w/double printed black ink on dark grey paper stock speaks confidence.

Photo direction
An integral part of YMEs communication is their product and editorial photography. We developed a coherent image style with a few distinct rules that makes YMEs photos recognizable both in the webshop and in social media.