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Holzweiler Pop-Up Store

Holzweiler Pop-Up Store

In 2017, Snøhetta was commissioned by Holzweiler to design the brand’s pop-up store for Paris Fashion week 2018.  

Through a collaborative workshop with Holzweiler, Snøhetta developed a pop-up store concept that would match the brand’s values and stories. The collaboration has resulted in a bespoke and elegantly undulating furniture installation, delicately exhibiting exclusive Holzweiler garments. 

The installation comprises a series of three undulating elements, a meeting table and two mirrors. Metal inserts in the table and shelves create visual breaks while adding touches of color in a natural context. The elements are produced locally by Parisian carpenters and are made of oak veneer with metal details, inspiring a sense of quality and longevity.  Each piece can be assembled and disassembled on site to be reused in various locations. 

Interior, Installation & Exhibition, Retail

2017 - 2018




Paris, France




Pop-Up Store Concept

Starting off with a luxury scarf collection back in 2012, this family driven brand has now expanded its creativity to the next level and launched its own clothing line. The line pays high attention to exquisite qualities and materials, creating playful basics and blending progressive ideas with classic ideals.

The furniture is a reminder of the curves and fluidity of the human body on which the scarves are worn. With its rational curves, the furniture displays the scarves and highlights the pattern and form as if the garments were worn by an individual. The furniture also echoes the Holzweiler history, as the brand’s first scarves were produced and sold by the meter, enabling customers to personalize them.