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In a time where retail is challenged, intensified by the economic shock of the ongoing pandemic, traditional trade and e-commerce is forced to innovate to stay appealing and relevant. In response to this, Snøhetta has designed a playful brand and interior concept for the new Norwegian house of fashion brands, Moniker.

Through strategic branding, graphic design, web design and interior design, the Moniker brand house inspires shoppers to discover their own Moniker – their personal nickname translating into their own signature style by immerging them into a playful universe, both in the physical Moniker brand house and online on

The Moniker brand experience is inspired by the human need to express individuality and features five distinctive personality traits, influenced by iconic muses of the 19th and 20th century. This bold and playful universe expresses an attitude of fashion, exploration, and fun.

Graphic Design, Interior, Interaction & Web Design, Print Design, Retail, Visual Identity

2019 - 2020




Oslo, Norway


800 m2




Merit in ADC (USA)

One Brand - Five Personalities

Following the brand concept, the physical Moniker store is divided into five zones, each with its unique visual expression inspired by the personality traits of the character they represent, whether Distinctive, Ambitious, Sensitive, Eccentric, Curious or Daring. These zones offer secluded and playful spaces for visitors to enjoy, making a visit to Moniker about more than a simple transaction, but rather an immersive experience counterpointing fast fashion and the standardization and predictability of traditional department stores.

Inspired by the distinctive styles of the Moniker brand, the Moniker logo comprises five typographical variations of the Moniker name. 

A Playful Universe

Situated adjacent to the Valkyrien square the by the busy high-end shopping street in Oslo, Bogstadveien, Moniker opened its doors to the public on April 23, 2020. The opening marks a bold move, manifesting the belief that consumers still find pleasure in the art of wandering in a visually appealing universe in search of that perfect and surprising item that can complete their look.

Variable type

Derived from the same typography grid, or “typography skeleton”, the logo morphs into distinct typographical expressions echoing the chameleon-like interior design of the Moniker brand house.

Through its interdisciplinary and holistic approach to branding, graphic design and interior design, the Moniker brand house sets out to become a new icon of the Norwegian and Scandinavian brand house scene, an icon with its own distinct personality and moniker. 


Inspired by movie star and inventor Hedy Lamar, the Ambitious zone features clothes and accessories for the modern, androgyne and elegant power woman, framed by an interior soaked in timeless glamour and luxury.


The Sensitive zone echoes Jane Birkin’s romantic and effortless and bohemian look effortlessly merging Paris chic and British mod.


The Curious zone translates the explorative universe of globe trotter Isabella Bird and pays tribute to the crossing of patterns and colors of exotic and far away destinations.


The Distinctive zone is inspired by the unapologetic Grace Jones and features strong colors and geometrical shapes that complement the displayed brand garments and accessories.


Designed with life hedonistic lifestyle of Peggy Guggenheim in mind, the Eccentric zone adds a maximalist and extravagant backdrop to the store.

A Digital and Physical Experience

Visitors are invited to discover new styles and ways of expressing themselves through carefully curated high-end garments and accessories, both online and in the 800 m2 brand store. By superimposing layers of cultural references and atmospheres through the brand identity and interior design, Moniker highlights and honors those who dare to stand out and showcase their individuality. The Moniker brand experience also continues online for those who prefer shopping in a visually appealing virtual universe from the comfort or their own home.