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Rimowa Boutique, Le Bon Marché

Rimowa Boutique, Le Bon Marché

Snøhetta has designed Rimowa’s new 80 sqm boutique at Le Bon Marché, one of Paris’ most historic high-end department stores situated in the 7th arrondissement. Through its architecture, and atmosphere, the design seeks to give customers a longing for travel and temporary escape to discover the hidden secrets of a far-away destination, its culture, people and joie de vivre.

Inspired by the city of Kyoto, the Paris boutique echoes both the contemporary aluminum and polycarbonate-based materiality of the Rimowa goods, as well as the atmosphere of one of Japan’s most historic and culturally vibrant cities.

Interior, Retail

2017 - 2018




Paris, France




80 m2

The Kyoto ambiance is captured through the choice of materials as well as loose and fixed furniture, and the materials of the boutique subtly merge technological and natural finishes. 

The main architectural features of the store are manifested through a revolving shelving system and a large, multifunctional display table with an integrated cashier.

The shelving system is installed along almost the entire back wall of the store, allowing Rimowa to easily and subtly tweak and customize the luggage display as they like. 

The display table exhibits specially curated Rimowa items, such as collaboration designs with other brands as well as books, goods and other artefacts.

A Japanese style sofa and chair by Toshiyuki Kita, as well as a tea table and floor-standing lamp from Nendo complement the interior and create an area for customers to relax and enjoy the Japanese atmosphere during their visit.

The wooden oak flooring is inspired by traditional Japanese interiors, while also adding a natural and warm feel to the otherwise neutral space. 

The carved textured floor makes a soft sound as customers test suitcases on wheels in the shop.

While the revolving shelves and the display tables are made of pink resin, echoing the colors of cherry blossoms and Japanese Maple, the brushed aluminum walls echo the iconic finish of the Rimowa suitcases.