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Snow Room – an immersive snow experience

Snow Room – an immersive snow experience

TechnoAlpin is the market leader for technical snow making, delivering snow making equipment to all major ski resorts worldwide. Snøhetta was commissioned to develop a Snow Room for the spa & hospitality industry. In combination with a hot sauna, Snow Rooms are used for “contrast bathing”.

The design concept is inspired by the changes that happen in nature; it is informed by the metamorphoses of landscapes. Snow transforms hard and edgy rocks into soft and calm landscapes. The artificial indoor spatial experiences are based on abstracted forms of natural landscapes. Landscape patterns are transformed into a three-dimensional system. Countless small cubes on three-dimensional walls form the ups and downs of mountain landscapes. Through the daily freshly produced snow, this sculpted landscape structure becomes a soft landscape of peace and relaxation. Sitting areas invite people to linger and enjoy the cold to the full. The fresh new snow remains on the surfaces of the cubes, small portions can be used for individual snow massages. The Snow Room offers an experience for all senses - an immersive snow experience.


Interior, Hospitality & Destination, Sports, Wellness & Recreation

2018 - 2020





The modular design can easily be adapted to different room sizes. It consists of durable and resistant materials that have been tested under extreme conditions. The material used must function under special conditions such as high temperature fluctuations, humidity and continuous stress. The rough texture allows snowflakes to attach well all over the surface. Prefabricated modules enable faster installation times on site.