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Corporate Architecture Guidelines Tirol

Corporate Architecture Guidelines Tirol

Commissioned by Tirol Werbung, the regional tourism organization for Tirol and one of the biggest marketing agencies of the Alpine regions, Snøhetta developed guidelines for their corporate architecture. These design guidelines form the basis for the physical appearance of the Tirol brand (Marke Tirol). The guiding principle is to strengthen a positive and contemporary brand image using cutting-edge design as well as traditional regional handicraft.

The guidelines are inspired by the topography of the Tyrolean alpine landscape, the so-called „Pulse of Tirol“. In a digital process, the existing topography was transformed into “vertical slices”. The choice of each place in Tirol tells a unique story underlining the concept. The forms are generated by geographical data of an existing site connecting the Corporate Architecture with the landscape.

Furniture Design, Retail, Interior, Visual Identity, Graphic Design

2016 - 2017




Innsbruck, Tirol


Visual Identity, Interior, Retail


Tirol Werbung

The topography of the “Pulse of Tyrol” for the interior of the “Tirolberg”
event space consists of arolla pine. This regional wood has an intensive smell. The projects intends to appeal to all senses. 

The guidelines have been used for a variety of different applications: e.g. the interior space of the “Tirolberg” as a meeting and event space at big events; the Tirol Shop at the Burggraben in Innsbruck (in cooperation with Nina Mair Architecture + Design) and in the form of custom-made furniture for events like trade fairs. In 2020, the office for Agrarmarketing Tirol and the so called "Grenzstellen" (border posts) were realized. 

The bespoken furniture for exhibition appearances combines traditional regional handicraft and clear, modern design using materials like ash, leather and felt.

In the Tirol Shop at the Burggraben, Innsbruck, brand values like strength, naturalness and authenticity are translated into an appealing interior design. The larch wood floor and panelling create a continuous surface that contrasts with the medieval vaulting of the listed building. As defined in the Corporate Architecture Guidelines, the topography of Tirol is incorporated into the wooden lamellas of the counter. The shop was designed in cooperation with Nina Mair Architecture + Design.

The design of the office spaces for Agrarmarketing Tirol, an organization for strengthening the rural agriculture and its products, is informed by traditional Tirolean interiors and incorporates the Corporate Architecture Guidelines. Heartwood ash is used for the modern interpretation of wall claddings, which are often used in old Tirolean parlors. Dark colors contrast with the light timber. Tirolean felt covers parts of the wall, also for acoustic reasons. 

So called „Grenzstellen“ (border posts) mark Tirol´s border. The signs are made of Corten steel and the posters are framed by the Pulse of Tirol.