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Eir Geothermal Iceland

Eir Geothermal Iceland

Snøhetta was invited to participate in a parallel design competition initiated by a couple owning private land, who wanted to utilize this space. The family-owned site can simply be described as a vast landscape at the intersection of three rivers, with views towards the iconic red mountain. This resulted in Geir Geothermal Spa. 

With the vastness and texture of the Icelandic shores, plains, ravines and mountains, a journey through this landscape is bound to be transformative. Our approach to the creation of Eir Geothermal Iceland was one of understanding movement and curating the events that give visitors moments of reflection and insight into this astonishing landscape. It would combine inspiration of Icelandic sagas and a contextual under-standing to reinforce the perception of place. 

Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Hospitality & Destination, Sports, Wellness & Recreation



Completed competition


Snæfellsnes, Iceland




3 000 m²


Spa facility

Named after the Norse goddess of healing, Eir Geothermal is integrated within the splendour of Icelandic natural beauty. Journeying here evokes memories of the larger journey we all take as people, to better understand our world and ourselves. One comes to Eir to leave a better person, relaxed and mindful of the world - both within and at large.

The building, a raised earth form, is subtle and organic, a part of nature and an extension of its surroundings.

If viewed from above, water and lines of road are the only traces we leave in the landscape. With walls made of rammed earth pigmented with lava from the nearby red mountain, the architecture itself embraces the visitor.

A grand entry emerges from the artificial mound, and upon entry it is evident that you are in a place for transformation towards a state of bliss and relaxation. Directed to the changing facility, the cleansing process begins.

Guided by a tunnel of shallow water one enters the lagoon. Relaxing within the warm pool, awareness grows while time slows down.