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A Sustainable Attitude – An Exhibition Stand by Snøhetta for ateljé Lyktan

A Sustainable Attitude – An Exhibition Stand by Snøhetta for ateljé Lyktan

Snøhetta has designed ateljé Lyktan’s temporary exhibition stand for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018. To reduce the amount of waste from the stand, Snøhetta has carefully selected recycled, borrowed or reusable elements, materials and pieces of furniture to create a cubic space you can walk into. The space is inspired by a crossing between a workshop space and a Scandinavian forest.

The exhibition stand tells the story of an interdisciplinary symbiosis between Snøhetta and ateljé Lyktan, a collaboration for sustainable architecture and product design.

Interior, Installation & Exhibition, Retail, Product & Packaging

2017 - 2018




Stockholm, Sweden


ateljé Lyktan

The cubic scaffolding is 8,5 x 7,5 x 5,0m are borrowed from Ramirent. The green fabric covering the front is made from unused materials initially purchased by The Norwegian Opera and Ballet for thee Manon Ballet in 2015 and the carpet is made from surplus material from Kasthall’s carpet manufacture. Black stools are borrowed from Fogia.

 A specially designed birch veneer shelving system runs like a wooden ribbon through the entire stand at different heights. The birch veneer’s dark stained and light colors echo the duality between night and day, winter and summer, urbanity and nature. 

The shelving system is mounted at varying heights, ensuring that the lamps are exhibited as if mounted on a wall, in the ceiling, placed on the floor or on a table.

The Snøhetta designed Svit lamps are displayed on the bespoke shelves along with classic designs from ateljé Lyktan and Snøhetta concept lamps based on atlejé Lyktan’s RIFF design.