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Sapa is a global manufacturer of extruded aluminum profiles with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. With 100 production sites in more than 40 countries and 23 500 employees worldwide, Sapa is the world’s largest aluminum extrusion-based solutions company. Snøhetta was in 2015 engaged to create a visual identity for Sapa. 

The visual identity is based on the concept of flexibility. Flexibility captures an essential characteristic that is vital to Sapa. The concept is inspired by the qualities of aluminum, and by transferring the same qualities to corporate culture and work processes, Sapa becomes flexible. Flexibility moves away from being static, and represents a dynamic organization that is forward-thinking and fast moving. 

The result is an extensive corporate identity encompassing a new concept and vision, an extended brand identity manual, a complete online identity toolbox, updated and optimized brand colors, and a versatile and unique brand image system. 

Visual Identity, Print Design, Graphic Design, Interaction & Web Design, Wayfinding & Signage

2015 - 2016




Oslo, Norway


Visual identity, book design, art direction


Sapa Group AS


Andreas Lind, Tobias Regell and Frederik Lieberath


Visuelt Gold Sapa The Movie
Visuelt Gold Sapa The Book 

Sapa The Movie is made together with the motion graphic design studio Racecar.

To accompany the new identity, Snøhetta has in close collaboration with Sapa launched an specially designed brand book: Sapa The Book. The aim of the book publication was to capture the essence of the Sapa brand as well as the possibilities Sapa creates for customers as an innovation partner. In the book you can read about what Sapa stands for as a company and get an introduction to the new optimized identity. 

The book features more than 200 pages filled with unique images, supporting business case essays, simplified identity guidelines, color guidelines, typographical samples and much more. The book uses simplified aesthetics and a n educational narrative to engage and inspire the reader.

Aluminum is used as the main color, giving the book a unique look while keeping the focus on the business objectives and the brand. 

The photos featured in the book play an important role for the new identity. Divided into four categories – physical, people, process and products – they enhance company values. 

Illustration: Martijn van der Wiel, Edwin Wallet and Rithuset, Stockholm
Photo: Andreas Lind, Tobias Regell and Frederik Lieberath
Copy: Paul Redstone
Printing: Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden
Binding: Soft cover, perfect binding
Paper: Jacket: Munken Print White 15/150g. Cover: Munken Print White 15/300g. Inlay: Munken Print White 15/150g
Typography: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Century Schoolbook

Online Brand Manual

To ensure a smooth distribution of all the new brand assets, we created a fully responsive brand manual. 

In the first 6 months, Sapa's online brand manual had returning users from over 40 countries, underlining the importance of simple distribution of brand assets.

Interactive Examples

For the manual we created a range of different modules, where users are presented with the guidelines by interactive examples rather than plain text and static images

Technical overlays


Typography testers

Color definitions

Typograhic compositions

Grading guidelines