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Holzweiler Hegdehaugsveien 

Holzweiler Hegdehaugsveien 

In November 2022, Norwegian fashion brand, Holzweiler, opened a new store in Hegdehaugsveien in the heart of Oslo.

The new Oslo store is Snøhetta’s 12th project together with Holzweiler, and we are happy to see that our long-lasting creative relationship is growing stronger with every new project we do, as well as being a part of Holzweiler's journey as a growing brand - now also on the international scene.

With the new Hegdehaudsveien store, which is next door to where their old store used to be, Holzweiler goes back to the roots - paying homage to the Norwegian nature. 

Interior, Retail

2021 - 2022





A journey

The design is meant to take the visitors on a small journey through the store. A cement floor with large fields of carpet inserts in stone-like shapes guides the customers through the space, to different zones in the store.

First, a transition moment from the street into the store, where one first encounters the café, then low, movable display surfaces as well as the point of sale – which can also be moved.

The center of the room is characterized by a series of columns, cladded with organic panels, and connected by a fluid stainless steel hanging rack. This element becomes the heart of the retail experience, customers walk around the pièce having a clear overview of the collection.


The Norwegian sky

Then, one’s attention is drawn towards the back of the store with the soft light coming through gradient, colored curtains inspired by the Norwegian sky. This is the most intimate part of the store, shielded from the street, where customers find the fitting rooms.

The floor is softer, with a curved edge defining the wall-to-wall carpet. Characterizing this zone is a large clay and steel table, displaying various accessories and acting as a center piece.

Throughout space are bespoke steel light fixtures. They are technical features in contrast to the organic lines of the surfaces of the space.

The space also features a small café located right inside the entrance, giving the customers a place for reflection when they can look in at the store or out of it, creating a transition and a moment of pause.

The new Hegdehaugsveien boutique also features a Mycelium hanging panel - a material created by forest fungus and waste products from agriculture, paper production, and other sources which is naturally fire resistant, has soundproofing qualities, and is 100% compostable in nature. A framed moment in the new store representing the unity in the Norwegian forest, tying all the trees and plants together.