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Holzweiler Platz

Holzweiler Platz

Located at the newly developed waterfront and neighborhood of Oslobukta, Holzweiler opened its fifth store on June 26. Holzweiler Platz is at the heart of a vital and growing neighborhood, nested in between both cultural focal points and young, urban social hubs. The boutique is also the family business’ first that is directly connected with its very own restaurant, Café Platz. Linking the family’s passion for both fashion and food, the restaurant will be a social hub and an integral part of the community, making it a place where people can sit together and share a moment during an otherwise busy day.

Interior, Hospitality & Destination, Retail





Oslo, Norway


300 m2



Drawing inspiration from the immediate surroundings, the element of water is central to the design of Holzweiler Platz. As well as being a symbol of life, energy and hope, water as an element unifies people and places located afar from each other. Elements representing islands and water unify the retail and restaurant section of the new Holzweiler Platz, making it fluid and waterlike. The visitors are visually guided through the store by the curved and sinuous lines permeating the space, reflected through the racks of stainless steel, floating wooden roof lamellas and curved walls. The oiled oak wooden floor is designed as a distinct geometric floor pattern shaped from leftover pieces and cut-offs, adding to the light and airy atmosphere.

Holzweiler Platz is a collage of spaces, representing overlapping of moments of the past, future and present. By bringing in aspects from other Holzweiler stores, Holzweiler Platz is a place where people can sit together, find treasures from past collections, share a moment, discover new directions, and experience momentary artistic collaborations.