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Summit - A place for sharing

Summit - A place for sharing

As home office, isolation and lockdown became familiar concepts, the need for intimacy and socializing grew throughout the world. Amid this transition, the social furniture Summit saw the light of day. 

Built on the idea that one needs intimacy to share and connect with others, Summit is designed to create meaningful interactions. As a cushioned indoor mountain range, it is created as a modular furniture with a warm, soft surface and natural shapes. With six unique modules, the system can be assembled as both small objects and larger installations, spanning a multitude of levels, curves and directions, forming an interior landscape to explore. 

Product Design, Furniture Design





Aarhus, Denmark 

Client & Manufacturer


Inspired by the playfulness of natural escalation, as well as the inherent behavior of social amphitheaters or open Spanish steps, Summit has become a spatial tool enabling intimacy and interaction. Simple in its form, it can become a small staircase, a curved rising or a wavy ridge, all depending on the preferred environment. Without increasing the footprint of the furniture, it has the ability to continuously redefine a space. 


Summit is a result of a behavioral-led design forum on the theme Sharing, organized by +Halle in 2019. Exploring the idea of a tool to facilitate open and less-prescribed sharing, Snøhetta designed a building block system to be manipulated and played with to create the right dynamic based on the need of each situation, whether it be a lecture, a meeting, or a momentary break. 




The upholstery, stitching and cushioning are done with great detail, creating a comfortable furniture. Its versatility and modularity enable not just flexibility in use, but also encourages users to play and explore. 


Whether sitting, standing, lying down or simply walking past, interacting with Summit is intended to create freedom of use and bringing people together.