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Intersection - Worktable reimagined for a more sustainable future

Intersection - Worktable reimagined for a more sustainable future

With materials sourced from the depths of Lake Pieman in Tasmania, and inspired by its home in a Bondi Beach office space, the Intersection Worktable merges a conventional worktable with material exploration and sculptural furniture. 

Reaching almost five meters long, the bespoke worktable is an eye-catching centerpiece in the space. Starting from the concept of Intersection, Snøhetta investigated the potential and limitations materials unique to the Australian continent, juxtaposing textures, and intersecting planes. 


Product Design, Furniture Design





Bondi, Australia


Medich Family Office

The tabletop design is one continuous form, like the flow of water, inspired by the endless Australian coastline. Where the edges meet, there is a juxtaposition of textures and gradients in the material. Smoothly angled corners are a subtle imitation of forms developed in nature. This unbroken, rounded language is further picked up in the rounded legs. 

The worktable is made from environmentally friendly reclaimed Tasmanian Oak, sourced from Tasmania, at one of the world’s first underwater forestry operations. Unlike any other type of timber, the wood is ethically sourced and reclaimed from an ancient forest lost under water for 25 years. The unique wood is identified by its pronounced pattern and imperfections that can’t be found in typically sourced oak. The wood gives the table warm, illustrious qualities, breaking with the traditional office furniture materials. The smooth surfaces express the texture of the naturally preserved wood with its unique gradients of color reflecting its history. 

The Intersection Worktable, aptly named for its multifunctional use, provides a generous workstation space for four people with an integrated meeting place at one end – all in a seamless form. Its hollow legs intersecting the tabletop hide storage, cable management and organization accessories. 

As part of Snøhetta’s ongoing exploration of defining valuable use of new and forgotten material technologies, the worktable is the first exploration into wood aged at the depth of a lake for decades. Handmade in Snøhetta’s Adelaide workshop, the worktable is a manifestation of a digital to analogue collaboration across studios and continents.