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Casework Collection for Erik Jørgensen - A highly customizable furniture system

Casework Collection for Erik Jørgensen - A highly customizable furniture system

Commissioned by Danish furniture design brand Erik Jørgensen, Snøhetta has designed Casework – a three-piece sofa series collection consisting of a lounge chair, a sofa in various sizes and a high back sofa.

The Casework collection has been showcased at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair and Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign earlier this year.


Product Design, Furniture Design





Svendborg, Denmark


Erik Jørgensen

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The concept for the Casework collection is based on furniture tailored for particular purposes and needs, and the series is therefore conceived to be highly customizable.

The name “Casework” refers to the assembling of furniture with box-like features, such as cabinets, cases, storage areas, and bookshelves, and is widely used for modular carpentry.

Erik Jørgensen brings a rich history of craft, upholstery and construction expertise to Casework, which complements Snøhetta’s contextual design approach.

To ease production, the sofa’s frame structure is prefabricated, and customized panels rapidly mounted on demand in the factory. 

Adjustable feet make it easy to compensate for uneven floors in re-purposed spaces. The side and back panels are easily mounted in production to speed up delivery time and enables architects and designers to choose from a wide variety of fabric and material finishes to suit their requirements.

Miniature prototypes of the Casework collection.

The Casework collection consists of a single seater as well as a high-backed 2-seater, alongside a 2.5 and 3-seater sofa.

Purity in function coupled with customizability result in a sofa series that sits effortlessly in a variety of environments. Generous armrests are perfectly designed to set aside a cup of coffee or function as a provisory work desk, all while offering a comfortable seating experience. 

The Casework Highback is ideal for public settings or open office environments, as the sofa’s extended back and side panels create a secluded and private space. In this way, it helps users find calm and respite in busy spaces without being distracted by everything going on around them.


Central to the Casework collection is the notion of creating comfortable seating options that can be adjusted to fit our needs at home or in the office.

The Casework collection has both a hard and soft expression. The solid wooden frame embraces the soft, voluminous cushions, creating a comfortable tactile experience.

The Casework collection is available for sale through