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Uvdalsbonden are five female farmers who have joined forces to deliver high quality products with a focus on sustainability, animal welfare and quality. Their ambition is to challenge the established food industry, and position themselves at the forefront of a growing movement towards local, organic food production.

Uvdal is beautifully situated in the high mountains, with Hardangervidda National Park as the nearest neighbour. Where sheep graze on the plateaus, the fish swim in the mountain lakes and the calves scatter in the meadows, all year round.

Graphic Design, Interaction & Web Design, Product & Packaging, Visual Identity

Five female farmers
The name Uvdalsbonden simply describes the individuals behind the brand, the Farmers of Uvdal, five women working and living close to the mountains in the picturesque valley in the middle of Norway.


Honest design system for packaging
Uvdalsboden’s products are made by and for people who care about the specifics. Detailed information about origin, quality, processing and refinement is presented front and center on the packaging, further reflecting the ideology behind the business.

Charming Illustrations
Whimsically illustrated animals, farmers and food are integrated as an essential part of the identity and used across the delivery boxes, communication and website. The illustrations work as a tool to tell the real stories, and highlight the relaxed and honest attitude the Uvdal farmers represent. 

Reaching new customers through online sale
In our collaboration with Uvdalsbonden our ambition was to build a brand with personality, credibility and uniqueness. Where the farmers, their production and their everyday life became the red thread in the storytelling. Along with the identity and packaging, we have developed the Uvbdalsboden webshop. The digital platform became a tool both for selling the products beyond the region, but also as a frame for the brand and story itself.