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Snøhetta has designed a proposal to upgrade Stockholm’s most renowned public square, Stureplan (Sture Plaza), upon request from TAM Group to transform the area from a heavily car-dependent zone, to a pedestrian-and bicycle friendly street scape. 

Situated in a prime location in the inner core of Stockholm, Stureplan is located at the intersection of the high-end shopping area, “Biblioteksgatan”, and Birger Jarlsgatan. However, the Sture quarter is surrounded by streets built on hardscaped surfaces based on public realm perimeters from the late 1980s. 



2017 - ongoing




Stockholm, Sweden


18 500m2


TAM group for ADIA

Today’s design of Stureplan presents an outdated design which suffers from heavy traffic and accessibility barriers. Therefore, the area requires a significant upgrade to create a stronger, more seamless connection between the West and the East side of the city, thus facilitating a new hierarchy which prioritizes the pedestrians. 

Snøhetta’s solution is to include a new material palette based on granite cobblestone, built on a strong visual identity which pays homage to the city’s historic use of stone. 

Using a shape commonly applied as a design tool to connect areas together, we have arranged the cobblestones in circles, as it greets everyone equally, creating a sense of the public realm being an open and inviting space, inclusive for all.


The new design proposal is based on durable materials, using granite cobblestone to ensure longevity, while focusing on improving the connections within the city by enabling access to public transport via buses and a metro-station stop. 

The proposal also includes a new public outdoor space which is open 24/7, as well as a complete remake of a road leading to Stureplan’s public plaza. 


Integrated into the plan are high-visibility and generous solutions for bicycle paths and parking.