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Vestre – A Website Helping to Create Social Meeting Spaces

Snøhetta has designed the new website for one of Scandinavia's leading producers of sustainable outdoor furniture, Vestre. Vestre is a Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture who, for more than 70 years have helped create social meeting places for millions of people. Their focus is to create robust furniture with considerable longevity to be placed around the world as small pops of color and positivity.

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Graphic Design, Interaction & Web Design





Oslo, Norway



A useful tool 

The new website aims to be a useful tool for landscape architects, when planning their projects. Reviewing how products meet environmental requirements is met through outlining details about materials and production for each furniture. 3D models in various formats aims to make the job of planning and reviewing furniture options easy and accessible.

Pops of colour

The new design adapts the vivid colour range of vestres furniture. You can easily spot a vestre furniture as you are walking around i the city, known for the their bursts of strong and playful colours.

The redesign of the website accentuates Vestre’s brand ideology in a new, playful way, creating a colourful and transparent digital platform which elevates each product’s history, designers and applicability in a new, improved manner.

The Story Behind the Products

The website design focuses on bringing forward the story behind each product through videos and photography. Incorporating Vestre’s focus on environmentally sustainable production processes, each product page includes information about the materials used, its longevity and applicability.  

User centered

The new website design has a user-centric approach, with user friendliness as a main focus area. To ensure the most optimised user experience, interviews and user-testing have been conducted with several landscape architects to ensure that their needs are accommodated for. 

Times Square, New York City.

Fritdjof Nansens plass, Oslo.

Place du jardin aux fleurs, Brussels.


Together with Norwegian copywriter Anders Molstad, we have developed micro-texts that provide excerpts of Vestre’s ideology below each product. With each text comes customized click-through buttons with call-to-action texts that gives the reader a more thorough understanding of what’s to come, as opposed to the traditional “Click here to read more”. The result is a user-friendly website design that emphasizes Vestre’s ideology of building accessible furniture for the public.