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Vestre Production Facility

Vestre Production Facility

In September 2013, the new Snøhetta designed Vestre production facility in Torsby, Sweden, opened its doors for the first time. Even though the Norwegian family-owned furniture manufacturer had been operating in Torsby since 1997, a growing staff and the need for a more efficient production brought on the need for an expansion and development of Vestre’s production facility. The mission was also to create a closer juxtaposition between the industrial and administrative spaces of the site.

Acknowledged for its high-quality furniture, Vestre develops and manufactures original designs for urban environments. Staying true to the company’s values was of the essence when the new production facility was being laid out on the drawing table. Snøhetta took on the assignment with a vision of creating a space that would truly reflect Vestre’s brand and the company’s attention to values such as functionality, quality and longevity.

The new, optimized production facilities at Torsby comprises a 3000m2 factory, designed to optimize production quality and resource utilization. The spacious areas within the production facilities, both inside and outside, are robust and easy to maintain. Lighting conditions have been optimized throughout the facility and the main materials used on site are steel, wood and glass.

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Torsby, Sweden


3.000 m²


Vestre AS

A sustainable approach was essential throughout all the phases of the project and comprehensive environmental requirements and considerations were taken into account. Sustainable choices transcend the building – from the surplus production materials used as cladding to the recycled heating sources used throughout the production plant.

The administrative center of the building has undergone a total rehabilitation with a new floor plan creating a tighter connection between the production facilities and the administrative department. The new area consists, among other, of new meeting rooms, a canteen, a kitchen, wardrobes and rest rooms.

New elements have been added to the production facility, such as new façade with a sign and a specially designed cladding based on the wood and steel elements of the Vestre furniture itself. The façade sign and cladding, made from perforated steel plates and wooden ribs stemming from residual products, are mounted onto the production hall's east façade, ensuring visibility from both the main roads and helping situate the production facility in the encircling environment.