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Liknes Square and Town Center

Liknes Square and Town Center

Liknes is situated in an idyllic location by the river bank of Kvina in Kvinesdal. Structures in Liknes date back to the Viking Age up to the present, and there is a close relationship between the town and the river. The project aims to create a new, strong and vibrant center in Kvinesdal with the square, the river promenade and handling of flood issues as main considerations.

Snøhetta has designed a river promenade that marks the transition between the city and the river. While there are already paths along the river, several locations along it lack connections. We have tied the walkways together in a continuous stone network, recommending to position a new promenade somewhat higher than the existing paths to ensure better flood protection.


Architecture, Landscape, Public Space



Completed concept study


Kvinesdal, Norway

On the square between a planned new science center, existing buildings and the town hall, we propose a playful roof structure. The wood structure provides shade and cover and invites flexible use such as concerts or farmers’ markets. On the north side of Nes bridge and as a contrast to the gentle wooden ramp down to the water, a new open-air tower is both a vertical playground for children and a landmark that ties the square to Kvina.

By making Liknes more attractive as a destination, visitors and the population will have a stronger sense of ownership to the town. Our suggestions are aimed at making people more aware of the existing qualities of the location, with new attractions creating greater commitment.