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Snøhetta has developed a new visual identity for the corporate law firm, Grette. The visual identity is based on the concept of interplay – a concept echoing Grette's work methodology and philosophy. It reflects how the firm's lawyers and other members of staff interact to move towards a common goal, and highlights Grette's client approach. 

More than being a simple advisor, Grette aims to give legal advice based on deliberative dialogue. Recognizing each individual employee, their efforts, specificities and strengths lies at the core of how Grette tailors holistic teams that can take on complex legal assignments within a wide range of disciplines – be it within in corporate transactions, intellectual property or the commercial real estate industry.

Visual Identity, Print Design, Interaction & Web Design, Graphic Design





Oslo, Norway






Lasse Fløde

Individuality and collectiveness

The sense of collective effort and respect for individuality were strong design premises when developing Grette's new visual identity.  Snøhetta developed a visualization tool that responds to different sets of employee characteristics, where experience would be the strongest influencing parameter. Other parameters, such as title and name, are also taken into account. The output from these parameters is a constellation of quadratic shapes in sequential shades of grey, designed to blend into an underlying color.


Whereas characteristics such as title will generate a certain grey scale, the length of the person’s name will influence whether the gradient is structured horizontally or vertically. Individually, the shapes symbolize each employee's unique characteristics. Put together, the shapes reflect a set of skills, a complex pattern of experiences and characteristics making up the uniqueness in each legal team.

1)  The employee's title defines a shade of gray

2)  The square is subdivided by seniority

3)  Parameters of the name decide orientation

4) A selection of employee visualizations

This visualization tool is accessible from Grette’s digital design manual. In the manual, Grette can generate new patterns on the fly based on specific team constellations and across departments. 

Employee information is sourced from Grette's intranet and into the design manual, allowing Grette to create customized vector files of the pattern

A Modern Take on Tradition

Grette’s new logo is purely typographical, utilizing the well-established Grette name and legacy. Playing with the characteristics of two classical typography styles, the logo manifests the concept of interplay.

The typographic palette also includes a sans-serif that reflects an interplay between European grotesques and American gothic typefaces. The different typographies can be used interchangeably or isolated – again echoing an idea of individuality and collectiveness.

Color Palette and Printed Material

A subdued and elegant color palette is applied throughout the different elements composing the visual identity. Typography and logo are composed of both neutral colors such as black, grey and white. For printed material, an equal number of warm and cold colors are available, ranging from subdued shades of burgundy, aubergine, blue, green, a warm grey tone, or pink. 

Moreover, Snøhetta has developed an extensive kit of templates and guidelines for printed materials such as business cards, brochures, folders and other official documents. 

Employees and Expertise. In Real Time.

In close collaboration with Kodebyraaet, Snøhetta has created Grette's new online home where all the graphical elements and design principles from the design manual are applied.

With strict priorities in content, the site showcases Grette’s expertise and highlights the strong duality between individual skill sets and collective efforts. This is reflected by the site's home page, where the characteristic, interactive pattern is generated in real time as new employees join the team and gain seniority.

As you navigate through the site, the correlation between the pattern and the employees of Grette becomes more obvious. Among other, the pattern reflects the composition of legal teams in particular projects.

Each employee can personalize their personal CV