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Kristin Jarmund Architects

Kristin Jarmund Architects

In the fall of 2016, Snøhetta completed the visual identity for the Norwegian architecture practice Kristin Jarmund Architects. The practice’s design philosophy focuses on reducing complex problems to simplicity in form and function, while at the same time allowing for a sensitive awareness to context and the human dimension. This concept of reduction, as well as the duality in the practice’s approach, created the foundation for the new visual identity. 

The visual identity comprises a holistic design for a new website, logo design, printed materials, and a unique analog design manual, all brought together under an energetic color palette and rich imagery. Throughout all the design elements, duality is key, and the identity circles around a play on contrasts.

See the project live at 


Visual Identity, Print Design, Interaction & Web Design, Graphic Design





Oslo, Norway


Visual identity, web design and development


Calle Huth

Web development


The website has a calm expression, with a subdued color palette broken only by colorful imagery, making the practice’s work the focal point of the site. This is further emphasized by keeping text elements to a minimum. The site is designed as a one-pager, supported by a tight grid system with a clear structure, making the site easy for visitors to navigate. As a contrast to the strict grid of the site, subtle animations of the logo and selected imagery brings playfulness to the design. The website is developed in-house by Snøhetta. Visit the website at

The logo is created to exist in two states; as the full name of the practice and as the extract “KJ-A”. This allows for flexibility in usage, both on printed material and digitally. With its intense blue color, the logo brings a clear distinction to the otherwise dim expression of the website. 

The business cards come in twelve variations, each featuring a colorful detail or extract from one of the projects. As with the website, the images bring color to the design. Contrasting the colorful images on the front of the cards, the reverse sides are kept simple.

The printed material, including business cards, envelopes, folders, stickers, greeting cards and the design manual, are characterized by a bright and colorful palette. Using high-quality print on uncoated paper, with an embossed and foiled logo, the printed elements are given a tactile expression. 

Duality and contrasts are visible throughout all the elements of the visual identity; from the image selection where the motifs shift from detail to overview, to the typeface, which is both angular and rounded at the same time.