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Studio Space

Human interaction shapes the spaces we design and the way we operate, something which is reflected equally in our studio spaces. Our offices are open and welcoming, facilitating collaboration and interaction with each other. 

A horizontal organizational structure and open flow of information between colleagues is core to Snøhetta’s culture. Our office layouts are non-hierarchical, allowing all employees – regardless of role or profession – to sit together in an open studio. 



A communal kitchen table is the social heart of our studio spaces. We believe in the importance of sharing meals with our colleagues and the added value this social time brings to our process. Outside of lunch hours, the tables become collaborative working areas for meetings, design charrettes, and informal conversations. 

The tables are not just tools for our daily work, but also reflections of our core values. They bring transparency to our processes, give us flexibility by allowing space for quick meetings, and perhaps most importantly, they represent equality. 

You cannot reserve the table. Anyone can sit down at any time, and you can always drop into a meeting if you need to. Only one rule: don’t forget to clean up after yourself!