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Design Methodology

Snøhetta’s working method practices a simultaneous exploration of traditional handicraft and cutting edge digital technology – a complementary relationship that drives our creative process.

At the core of the design studio is a state-of-the art modelling workshop equipped with 3D rapid prototyping capabilities and a large, programmable manufacturing robot. Alongside traditional woodworking machines, these tools enable rapid prototyping to become an integral part of the design process. Ideas can move seamlessly between analogue and digital worlds. 

Workshops and tools can only go so far, since people drive the creative process. We use the expression “Singular in the plural” to emphasize the value of the individual and one's interests in the performance of a group. These interests need not be found within the professional framework of architecture, design, or engineering, but just as much within the different passions in life.

Rather than fitting an individual into the group’s philosophy, the individuals themselves define the dynamics of the group. Someone’s unique perspective, background, or personal interest such as music, dance or art can be valuable in informing the creative process. Further, our inclusive design approach means that certain conditions such as gender equality and a diversity of nationalities, ethnicities and ages are fundamental to our process. 


In 2012, Snøhetta was the subject of an academic research project titled Idea Work that studied the design methodology of a selected group of creative practices. 

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