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FLYT - Asak

FLYT - Asak

Snøhetta has collaborated with leading concrete paver manufacturer, ASAK Miljøstein, to design and creating a new permeable pavers system.

The demand for new and innovative water management solutions in urban environments is crucial with the increase in extreme weather conditions. Asak Flyt is a new permeable concrete paver system to meet current and future water management challenges.


Product Design, Infrastructure, Sustainability

2019 - 2022





Client and partner

ASAK Miljøstein

The FLYT collection consists of three hexagonal interlocking stones that can be combined to create seamless transitions when designing and programming outdoor spaces. The flexible system provides landscape architects with another powerful tool for nature-based water management.

Permeable surfaces are part of the increasingly needed category of nature-based water management systems, including green roofs, rain harvest beds, open natural water streams, and similar approaches to managing larger water loads, cloudbursts, and flash floods.

The different interlocking spaces between each stone in the FLYT paving system make the collection different from existing paving systems. It allows for fluent transitions between different users and needs in the urban landscape and up to 28 percent permeability per square meter of water.


The system is a new flexible design tool to program outdoor spaces without compromising their permeable needs to ensure a more sustainable            approach in the future.