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Up Norway

Up Norway


Up Norway tailors Norwegian adventures from A to Z. Each journey is carefully curated by insiders with local knowledge of the people, pristine places, and hidden gems that Norway has to offer. Snøhetta has created a new visual identity and website for the travel curator to optimize the modern
traveler’s encounters with Norway and gives them a taste of the adventure that lies ahead.

Graphic Design, Hospitality & Destination, Interaction & Web Design, Sports, Wellness & Recreation, Visual Identity

2021 - 2022





Tailored Norwegian adventures
Based on the idea that every person and journey is unique, Up Norway’s website is designed to make tailored travel itineraries and recommendations easily accessible. By strengthening their visual identity and website, Up Norway can optimize the operation of curating and gathering the bits and pieces that comprises a unique journey.

Minimal impact – maximum experience
The new website aims to inspire people to travel in a 
different way and to enable more meaningful traveling. 
The new design emphasizes Up Norway’s philosophy –  highlighting the positive impact traveling has on people, and the minimal impact they aim to inflict on nature when traveling. The design development process was centered around showing how people, places, and experiences can change your perspectives and encourage people to make more
conscious choices.

The Northern Star
Up Norway’s logo is constructed by two elements – the symbol of the Northern Star and the logotype. The Northern Star, Polaris, is directly overhead the North Pole and
was traditionally used as a navigational tool. The Northern Star is thus used to emphasise that Up Norway serves the same purpose – to guide people both in and towards the North.

People in grand nature
The selection of images is chosen to illustrate the range of experiences offered by Up Norway, telling a story through impactful scenes from Norwegian nature. As with the rest of the website, the images are also centred around three concepts – places, experiences, and people.

The grandeur of Norway’s many striking places is emphasised by showing people in grand nature. In addition, providing geographical specificity to the images is an important part of avoiding the impression of the all-too-familiar generic landscape pictures. The experiences are illustrated through people’s reaction to the experiences, conveying how it impacts the traveler. The people are portrayed through close ups, showing authentic people in authentic situations.

To add a layer to the storytelling, Luis Mendo has created a series of illustrations that unifies bright colours and beautiful Norwegian scenery. At the stroke of a brush visitors are presented with Up Norway’s product in a vivid and playful manner, with the intention of emphasising the human touch that lies behind every bespoke journey.

From the deep blue fjords to the towering mountains
Norway is known for its strong variation in seasons, and the colours that come with them. Made to be inspired by all parts of Norwegian nature, the primary source of
colours for the visual identity is generated from each individual journey and automatically adjusted to the choice of images. 

The choice of the distinctive colour palette allows the visitor to be visually immersed in the experiences and places that Up Norway have to offer through the website, reflecting deep blue fjords, aurora nights, clear glacial lakes, and towering mountains.

Typefaces with distinct visual voices
Typography sits at the very core of the Up Norway’s way of conveying a message and is thought out to create recognisability in a cluttered, digital every day. This is done by speaking with two distinct visual voices through the typefaces Diatype and Arizona – the former being informative and formal and the latter being emotional and impactful. Both typefaces are designed by Swiss Type Foundry Dinamo.

Your first meeting with Norway
While Up Norway’s main focus is to curate a journey that provide people with their best-ever travel experience, the importance of first impressions has been a focal point of this process. With their new website and visual identity, Up Norway can give their clients a truly tailored journey from A to Z (or A to Å as they say in Norwegian) – starting with a warm welcome from the very first moment you land on their website.