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Oslo's New Garden

Oslo's New Garden

Oslo’s New Garden is located downtown Oslo in the “Fjord city” development. Historically, this area was the first and only public park in Oslo, called “Grønningen” or “Esplanaden”, that existed from 1805 to 1826. The following year, the Oslo Stock Exchange building was raised in the park and over the years most of the park was lost. Now, the ambition is to transform the neighboring plot into a new, public garden, re-connecting it to the Stock Exchange’s green space and to the Oslo fjord. The garden is a retail free zone - a tranquil and ample slow space embraced by botanical collections in a garden designed for strolling, exploring, and enjoying. 

Public Space, Landscape

Design Proposal


Oslo, Norway 

A place to breathe

Development of dense urban areas cover a broad range of needs. Balancing economic and social sustainability, as well as ensuring there are still spaces to breathe and reconnect with nature, is a challenge for cities all over the world. The green lung is an alternative proposal to the existing parking lot; to establish a green urban oasis rather than building more office blocks on the last “void” along the inner harbor of Oslo.

Providing the city with a larger, softer landscape by the fjord and providing a new place to explore, sit down or pass through, is a gift to the city, citizens, and visitors. New passages through the green plot providing new sightlines and invite people to stroll through the gardens and connect the historic city grid in “Kvadraturen” with the fjord. 


Summer view from the Oslo Opera rooftop to the new green, urban lung

Winter wonderland with view towards the winter festival pavilion. 

A winter festival with light design, events, performances, and a temporary winter pavilion, will make an urban destination that embraces the dark winter nights for outdoor activities framed by the winter garden. 

The winter pavilions will be based on inspiration and organization that are used for Serpentine pavilions in Kensington Gardens and the winter Festival in Toronto.

Autumn ambiance in the Japanese garden with exotic species, white, course gravel suitable for pattern making and framed by a dark purple cut hedge.

The garden four green personalities with different atmospheres:

1. A forest clearing with a generous, open lawn, a pond with water lilies, bamboo garden and mirror installation.

2. A small stream surrounded by a botanical garden with species in a wide range for flowers, edibles, and scents and biodiversity to attract insects, and create seasonal changes. 

3. A Japanese-inspired garden with interactive installations

4. A garden maze with a viewpoint