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‘Roelevard’, a union of Roeselare and the word boulevard, is the name of the new construction project that aims to transform the old railway station area in the historic city of Roeselare. In 2017, Snøhetta was commissioned by the Belgian project developers ION and Steenoven to design a mixed-use building that would recreate the area into a new work and living environment.



Architecture, Landscape, Hospitality & Destination, Public Space, Residential, Retail, Work Spaces



Under construction


Roeselare, Belgium


ION, Steenoven




17,500 m2

Roelevard is a mix of apartments, offices and shops that allows for a seamless unification of working, living and leisure. The complex is constructed as two volumes with differing heights and softly curving lines that narrow upwards via a series of green terraces. The volumes are made to resemble the cliffs of a canyon, and between them they create a sloping green space that invites people to meet and relax in vibrant surroundings.




The most striking building of Roelevard is the 46-meter-high tower that will transcend above the station square, providing a unique view of the city. The base of both buildings will house a wide range of office and commercial spaces, more specifically 470 m² of retail space, 200 m² catering and 5,900 m² of office space, with 81 apartments being constructed above.

The garden grounds and roofs make up a total of 2,141m² and are planted with numerous tree species, carefully selected by landscape architect Erik Dewaele. The bronze finish and natural tones of the façades form a unity with the greenery, bringing life and color to the cityscape.

Roelevard is designed to be a pleasant and comfortable place for working and living. As a measure to drastically decrease its CO2 footprint, Roelevard will be connected to a citywide heat network that will reduce the energy usage within the new buildings. The central heating system recovers surplus heat from an incineration plant located at the outskirts of Roeselare, providing emission-free heating to the entire complex.

Seen in context with the rapidly blooming neighborhood, Roelevard will be an apt new hub in one of Flanders’ fastest growing central cities. With a sports stadium, the city center and new features such as a recently landscaped park and a newly built cultural hub in close vicinity, the redevelopment connects the city together in a new way.

By creating an urban public space for people to meet and enjoy, Roelevard breathes new life into the station area of Roeselare.