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The Heysen Gallery in Hahndorf

The Heysen Gallery in Hahndorf

The Heysen gallery located at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills pays homage to one of Australia’s most significant artist families. It is here that Hans Heysen first created his studio and family home, ‘The Cedars’, which has become one of the nation’s most significant artistic treasures. 

The new design by Snøhetta will include a purpose-built gallery, art storage facility retail outlet and restaurant. By incorporating the surrounding landscape, the design will allow for a reinvigorated and immersive reading of the work of renowned artists Hans Heysen, and daughter Nora Heysen. 

“Hans Heysen had a deep affection for, and played an active role in the conservation and protection of, the Australian landscape that he so passionately portrayed in his artwork” says Snøhetta’s partner and Managing Director Australasia, Kaare Krokene. “In-turn, the building will honour and protect the Heysens’ artwork and family story”. 

The new experience of ‘The Cedars’ cherishes a deep connection to the past, whilst revealing innovative and evocative experiences of the landscape. The galleries leading wall constructed from rammed earth, will seemingly grow from this landscape, leading you into the building and the gallery space. Energy-saving design is paramount, whilst expansive glazing brings in scenic vistas. Strong timber-themed and crafted interior furnishings feature throughout the building, reflecting the surrounding gum trees – a central motif of Hans Heysen’s compositions. 

“The design is confident, authentic, and grounded in the character of the Heysen family” Krokene states. 

The $9 million gallery is funded under the Adelaide City Deal, a 10-year partnership between the Australian and South Australian governments and the City of Adelaide.


Architecture, Museum & Gallery, Public Space

2021 - 




Hahndorf, Adelaide