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Sola Central

Sola Central

Assigned by Husgalleriet AS for property owner, Østerhus Eiendom and Ellas Hus, Snøhetta has developed a feasibility study for the development of a visionary, sustainable concept for a future Sola Central, in Stavanger, Norway. 

For the past 15-20 years, there has been little activity around the center of Sola and the areas along the main street, due to a continuing construction ban as a result to ongoing work in the area. During the construction period, the center has gradually been shifted towards the south, where new trade- and service-offers have been established, which has subsequently weakened the attraction of the area. 





Feasibility study completed Feb 2019


Rogaland, Norway 


Østerhus Eiendom AS and Ellas Hus 


Husgalleriet AS

This study is heavily focused on creating an inclusive and active downtown area, keeping social sustainability as the primary focus. The aim is to create inviting and engaging attractions for the current residents, as well as establishing new business opportunities for newcomers. 

Our vision is to develop Sola central into an urban area that pays homage to the local culture, which the current and future residents will use, and where the functions that are planned for strengthens and substantiates this. 

In its design and functionality, Sola center will be forward-looking and based on a sustainable model which enables and encourages a lush social environment which still maintains its site-specific identity. Great energy-and environmental measures will be facilitated where energy expenditure is of great focus, through well-considered and conscious choices regarding design, material use and technical solutions. 

An essential aspect to the landscape architecture is accessibility, and the proposal suggests breaking down barriers and facilitate accessibility and movement between different areas in a seamless, inviting manner. This is done by creating passages both transversely and longitudinally. 

The city center will be designed as an attractive and active area which stands out from already established downtown areas in the Greater and neighboring municipalities. In addition, Sola should be considered an attractive alternative for housing and business activities.

A clear distinction has been drawn between the public urban space and the semi-private roof gardens that belongs to the current homes. The ground level area is kept as open and transparent as possible to ensure the experience of an accessible common area.