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At Havnelageret in Central Oslo, built in the 1920’s and once Europe’s largest concrete building, you will find credit analyst company Bisnode’s new office space. Stretching over two floors and merging a more divided office structure into one Bisnode, the office reopened in March 2017. 

The chosen interior concept, “circle in water”, acted as the principle guideline for the overall design and organization of the office space. The nodes in the Bisnode logo have also given inspiration and life to the detailing of all fixed and loose furniture, lamps, acoustic elements as well as the fritting of the glass walls. The concept is omnipresent, giving shape to the main elements of the interior, the suspended ceilings, the walls, floors, and layout of the work stations. At the core of the space, an acoustical ceiling encircles supporting columns, acting in parallel as a strong identity marker.

During the concept development phase, the project grew into a total interior refurbishing, including the development of a new stair case and amphitheater connecting the two office levels. A unique office space was also created for the young, dynamic sales department, matching this team’s more vivid, and consequently noisier, working environment. Sound absorbing felt material, a tailored color palette, as well as a “walk and talk” path circling around their office space, form the solution to their specific needs. Existing furniture, or elements of existing furniture, have been kept or redesigned to dampen the environmental impact. 

Snøhetta has also delivered a signage, pictogram and glass fritting project based on the interior design concept. This also includes designing an interactive Bisnode timeline, partly covered by wooden panels covering the walls, which wakes to life once passed by a random passerby.

Ultimately, their individual needs have been summarized in a language of shapes and colors, to emphasize one common environment.


Interior, Work Spaces, Visual Identity

 2016 - 2017




Oslo, Norway


Office space




3 250 m²

The new Bisnode palette is characterized by its light, Nordic atmosphere, emphasized by wood fiber ceilings, birch veneered wall panels, solid ash wood floor and woolen carpets. The wood paneled walls surround a core of rooms painted in dark blue and accentuated by a small range of contrasting colors, breaking with the otherwise light and neutral work spaces. An extensive use of felt adds a decorative and acoustical touch, giving color and texture to the overall material palette.

The merging process was essential for the makeover as Bisnode strived for a holistic office space, creating an even more integrated business for the good of clients and colleagues. Snøhetta was commissioned by the real estate company Entra to help their tenant through an initial process. The task was to unveil the optimal office solution bringing the 200 employees closer together in their new location, but at the same time respecting the particularities of certain departments.