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“Flukt”  in memory of those who escaped

“Flukt”  in memory of those who escaped

In the outdoor photo exhibition “Flukt” (English title: Escape) you can meet the men, women, and children who escaped the Nazis in Norway’s largest rescue mission during the winter of 1942 – 43.

Carl Fredriksens Transport saved more than 1000 persecuted people, half of them Jewish, during WWII. Led by a small group of brave individuals, the rescue mission transported up to forty people each night over a period of six weeks, by hiding them on the back of trucks, driving the long way from Oslo to Sweden.

“Flukt” is an exhibition in the park “Dette er et fint sted”, located at Carl Berner in Oslo. The park and the exhibition is a memorial to the rescue mission, the people who fled for their lives and for the generations to follow.

The exhibition opens on May 8, 2017, and is created through a collaboration between photographer Pål Laukli, the Foundation “Dette er et fint sted”, Canon, and Snøhetta.

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Public Space, Landscape, Installation & Exhibition, Graphic Design, Visual Identity, Wayfinding & Signage

May – September 2017




Hekkeveien 8, Carl Berner, Oslo


‘If someone had lifted the corner of the tarpaulin, they would have seen that the truck was full of people. Just think if someone had coughed. We were so scared. We were not goods. We were human beings’

– Girl, 18 years in 1942 about the escape

‘I remember walking and walking before reaching the border to Sweden. And my mother telling us to wear a lot of clothes, because we could not bring anything else. Other than that, I can't remember anything. I've probably suppressed the memories.’

– Girl, 12 years in 1942, about the escape

‘I did not realize how terribly afraid I was. But when we crossed the border to Sweden, I felt weightless. I thought I had to hold on to a tree not to fly away. That's how afraid I was.’

– Girl, 12 years in 1942, about the escape

The park is a work by the artist Victor Lind in honour of the rescue mission Carl Fredriksens Transport. It was realised in collaboration with Snøhetta in 2013 and is located at the start of the refugee route to Sweden - Syversen's garden nursery at Hekkeveien 8, Carl Berner in Oslo.