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Hotel Belchenhaus Proposal

Hotel Belchenhaus Proposal

The Belchen is a wonderful place. As a year-round destination, plenty of widely diverse visitors flock here to enjoy their leisure time, engage in sports and see their friends. A special place like this deserves extraordinary architecture. Courageous and confident, yet insightful and specific. 

Our draft attempts to convey a clear statement. In order to pay well-deserved respect to the valuable Belchenhaus, we intentionally set the new building apart from the old one and envision it as a wind-defying, tower-like construction. As there is no such thing here as a back side in the traditional sense, all hotel suites provide their guests with a phenomenal view.
The shabby exterior of the mountain terminal will be replaced. All structures are connected via a base that does not only guarantee ideal functional processes, but also creates a new, accessible platform. 

Upon completion the tower will undoubtedly establish itself as a whole new landmark as it soars above the mountain like a giant fir cone. The feel and look of the copper sheet cladding changes corresponding to weather conditions, orientation and position of the sun. It ages gracefully and gradually gains even more beauty. The irregular arrangement of the standing seam panels is to remind the viewer of the existing building's riprap walls.

Once inside, the rooms are surprisingly spacious. Each room offers two generous openings facing different directions, of which one forms a loggia that remains enjoyable even in windy conditions. Additionally, as a reference to the past, all the rooms integrate an element of the demolished section of the building.

Reception, lobby and spa facilities are all located within the base building – introvert with intriguing light conditions and atmospheric settings. The new Belchenhaus is furthermore surrounded by multifaceted public zones inspiring visitors to pause, play and communicate.


Interior, Hospitality & Destination, Architecture, Renovation & Expansion



Competition, 2nd place


Schönenberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany




1 860m2


Belchenhaus GmbH