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Vikingtidsmuseet Proposal

Vikingtidsmuseet Proposal

The vikingships and the Arnebergbuildings are in themselves and together iconic elements. We presupposed that the ships can be moved out of the building , as the competitionprogram established, and that the old building is to be an important bearer of the history without the ships present.

The  new building is located discreetly behind the existing museum. Towards Huk aveny an generous open space is established. This place is an central accessing the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

The building ground at the back of the exisiting museum is viewed as limited bt the existing bedrock under ground and not of  the ground level itself. Parts of the bedrock- a symbol of our origin, is exposed. On this bedrock, floor and platforms are placed in a pattern which is related to the excavation area. Ramps are then strapped, providing a flexible grid for  shaping the exhibitionspace in detail together with the museum.

Past and the belonging elements are placed under ground.

Research and new exhibitions at on ground level representing present research of the history.

Landscape, Interior, Architecture, Museum & Gallery



Completed competition


Bygdøy, Oslo

There are two outdoor areas. One contains a playground, cafes and green areas for cultivating plants and herbes from the vikingperiod. The other is providing access to the roof and a protected area for activities to be sealed of outside the opening hours of the museum