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Masi Costasera Amarone Gift Box

Masi Costasera Amarone Gift Box

Snøhetta was invited by the wine produces Masi and the distributor Symposium Wines to design a new gift box for the Costasera Amarone.

To reflect the level of craftsmanship behind the Costrasera Amarone wine, we wanted to challenge the conventional materials and techniques of the gift box. The traditional wooden boxes have limitations with regards to finer design expressions. We therefore sought ways to keep the wooden box and at the same time adding a new level of precision to accommodate a design approach allowing us to use detailed metallic foils.

The design for the limited edition gift box is developed on the concept of graphic patterns defined by the rows of wines when seen from above. By studying the graphic patterns of the landscape where the Costasera originates on satellite images, we were able to trace the vineyards and develop the decorative and tactile texture that became the basis for the design. The curvy lines of the design visualize that these vines grow in a hilly area.  

Together with Swedish print house Göteborgstryckeriet, we developed a combination of an open wooden box with a partially covering cardboard box revealing the top of the bottle. The design was hot foil stamped with the design in copper and dark gray foil with additional blind debossing to further strengthen the tactile variation of the packaging. The edition of 3000 was split in two equal halves; one on white and the other on a dark gray cardboard – both surfaces were treated with the same printing and finishing, but have very different visual appearance. 


Product & Packaging, Graphic Design, Print Design

Completed 2015






Packaging design


Masi/Symposium Wines

Print House



3 000