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Jeddah Public Transportation Program Proposal

Jeddah Public Transportation Program Proposal

The term Wayfinding by Architecture represents a holistic approach chosen by the design group to provide easy access to the new Jeddah Public Transportation Program (JPTP). The holistic system is made of elements designed to guide passengers from different city spots into the transportation system, and to further provide effective wayfinding and comfort on their journeys.

This starts with city paving and street furniture, and is further incorporated in the design of entrances and concourse areas, and is finally visible in the overall building designs, from the simple bus station to the main station.

The concept is recognizable by color and design elements of the JPTP. Further, the system will be supported by contemporary smart city technologies to provide detailed information for the journey based on personal needs of the passengers and be included in the overall branding concept by function and design.

Landscape, Interior, Wayfinding & Signage, Infrastructure

2014 - completed 2015


Completed competition


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Transportation system


Jeddag Public Transportation Program

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The design of Wayfinding by Architecture is based on the luxury, private and family oriented approach of the historic Arabic architecture, represented in the shape and rich colors of the Geode. The new design of the JPTP will combine the Arabic heritage with the needs of a public transportation system of the upcoming centuries.