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Rauland Mountain Church

Rauland Mountain Church

The Rauland Mountain Church plot is situated near Silkedalsnutane in Rauland, close to the ski lift - exposed to a big scale landscape with Hardangervidda national park to the west.

The church appears to be balancing on a little cliff on the edge of the plot. The curved underside cantilevers over the landscape, with its center of gravity at the altar area, expressed in the exposed rock in the church floor and in the crypt under the altar. This area connects the horizontality of the cantilever and the verticality of the tower rising above the altar. With its protective and enclosing shape, the mountain church presents itself as a contrast to its magnificent surroundings.

Landscape, Interior, Architecture, Religious Space & Memorial

2010 - 2012


On hold


Rauland, Norway




200 visitors, 100 beds


Foundation Rauland Mountain Church - Telemark Cathedral

The physical shaping of the church has happened secondary to the definition of meaning through an integrated process with artist and curator, architects, landscape and interior architects. Themes like culture, history, society, balance, water, snow, wind, geology and Noahs Ark became important in the process.

The café and accommodation facilities are situated lower down and partly integrated in the terrain, secondary both to the nature and the church volume.

The church contains two contrasting room experiences; the extrovert and social “plaza” with its panorama towards the mountains, and the introvert and contemplative church space whit daylight seeping in from above. A portal joins and marks the transition between the two areas. The interior as well as the exterior has organic shapes with soft transitions between floor, walls and roof. The light defines the spaces.