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The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin

The Norwegian embassy constitutes an integral part of the Nordic embassy complex situated on the Tiergarten in the heart of Berlin.

In a very limited amount of space, the design includes several important social considerations for the employees without compromising the efficiency and flexibility of the plan. 


Clarity and purity of form are important characteristics in the design. The form stands without excess decoration and is solid and massive in its expression.

This can be interpreted as a symbol of strength and longevity and relates the building to the historical roots of Norwegian culture. In addition to this historical context, the monumentality of the form can also be seen as a contemporary expression in terms of its clearly individual form and directness.

Interior, Work Spaces, Architecture

1998 - 2001




Berlin, Germany




2 000 m2


Statsbygg (The Governmental Building Agency)

The southern wall of the new Norwegian embassy is composed of a single, monumental slice of grey Norwegian granite. This monolithic stone weighs approximately 120 tons and is over 14 meters tall, 5 meters wide and up to 70 centimeters thick. 

Corridors, lobbies and conference areas are designed in conjunction with daylight and view, and the addition of a garden atrium to the north of the building creates a controlled yet contemplative environment.

The eastern and western facades of the new Norwegian embassy are covered with glass screens, which act as a filter between the courtyard and the interior spaces, and give the building a feeling of coolness resembling the coolness of the Norwegian glaciers. This feeling contrasts with the warm feeling achieved in the interior spaces using warm colours, and materials, as wood. The glass screens also match with the copper band wall integrating the building with the whole complex.