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Malmö Concert Hall and Conference Center Proposal

Malmö Concert Hall and Conference Center Proposal

The proposal was created when nominated as a finalist by the City of Malmö. The aim was to create a new cultural establishment for concerts and conferences.

Generous public spaces, protected places for meetings and an activation of the border of the canal are created where the fractured surface is getting through.

All the facades are activated with public friendly and accessible functions, and an inviting open facade. In this way the experience of the building having a backside is minimized.

The transition between the town and the concert house is marked with a subtle musical element. Musical sculptures and instruments, the open and accessible landscape, and the inviting building contribute to minimize the threshold for visits and interaction.


It is a building, an urban space, and a landscape which invites for many activities and experiences, both inside and outside.


Landscape, Interior, Architecture, Public Space, Performance Space



Completed competition


Malmö, Sweden


15 700 m2


Concert Hall and Conference Center


Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB

The interior landscape connects and solves all the functional demands. The placing of the rooms creates added value and multifunctional possibilities. The quality of the architecture invites to big events and a large number of visitors without compromising the experience and functionality of the rooms.

The fractured surfaces are walls which provide a precise demarcation against the surrounding quarter. The walls are partly open and partly solid. A landscape formation has no backside and the landscape of the site is available from all directions. The visitors can therefore move freely both outside and inside.